1) ... he in Tyumen last week? a) Is b) Does c) Was 2) ... he go to Tyumen last week? a) Did b) Does c) Was 3) Did he ... in the swimming pool? a) swam b) swim c) swims 4) We ... our cousin at the airport yesterday. a) meet b) meets c) met 5) Our cousin ... us every year. a) visit b) visits c) visited 6) ... you play hockey yesterday? a) Do b) Did c) Was 7) He ... hockey twice a week. a) play b) plays c) to play 8) He has a new bike. He ... it every day. a) wash b) washes c) washed 9) He ... his bike yesterday. a) wash b) washes c) washed 10) He ... wash his bike last Sunday. a) wasn't b) doesn't c) didn't

Test 3 Past Simple and Present Simple


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