1) Lera ... go to the cinema on Monday. a) is b) is going to c) was 2) Diana is going to stay at ... home this Sunday. a) - b) the c) a 3) It ... windy in Moscow tomorrow. a) is b) was c) will be 4) Boris ... to Italy soon. a) travels b) travelled c) will travel 5) ... Polina and Ann going to go to the seaside on Friday? a) Are b) Were c) Did 6) We are going to go to ... seaside in July. a) - b) the c) a 7) ... it be sunny in Astrakhan tomorrow? a) Is b) Was c) Will 8) The weather ... rainy yesterday. a) is b) was c) will be 9) I ... a sports centre soon. a) join b) joined c) will join 10) The water in the lake ... cold last summer. a) isn't b) wasn't c) won't be

Spotlight 4, Module 8 (TEST 1)


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