1) Kids ... watch a video on Wednesday. a) are b) are going to c) will be 2) I am going to watch ... TV after school. a) - b) the c) a 3) It ... cold in Murmansk tomorrow. a) is b) was c) will be 4) Lana and Anna ... go to a dancing party soon. a) will b) going to c) were 5) Timur ... to go to the lake on Sunday. a) will b) is going c) was 6) The Ivanovs are going to stay at home ... next Sunday. a) - b) the c) a 7) ... it be snowy in Krasnodar tomorrow? a) Is b) Was c) Will 8) ... it rainy in Kurgan yesterday? a) Is b) Was c) Will 9) Max ... live in the country next year. a) going to b) will c) was 10) ... your parents in Paris in 2011? a) Are b) Were c) Will

Spotlight 4, Module 8 (TEST 3)


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