1) The mouse is ... (small) than the cat.  a) smaller b) smaler c) more small 2) The puppy is ... (big) than the rabbit.  a) biger b) bigger c) more big 3) Your car is ... (fast) than mine! a) faster b) fastter c) more fast 4) Angela is ... (tall) than Betty. a) tall b) more tall c) taller 5) Pandas are ... (slow) than lions. a) slower b) slow c) more slow 6) Giraffes are ... (tall) than hippos. a) taller b) more tall c) tall 7) Kangaroos are ... (big) than bats. a) biger b) big c) bigger 8) Bushes are ... (short) than trees. a) short b) shorter c) more short 9) Snakes are ... (long) than lizards. a) longer b) long c) more longer




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