1) She is happy. It's ____ birthday. a) his b) her c) she d) their 2) He is sad. It isn't ____ birthday. a) he b) her c) his d) our 3) They are the winners. There are ____ prizes. a) their b) they c) our d) your 4) You are so fast! It is ____ prize. a) you b) their c) our d) your 5) I am happy. It's ____ new bike a) his b) their c) my d) our 6) We are brothers. This is ____ mum. a) their b) our c) my d) his 7) They are cousins. ____ family is big. a) Their b) Your c) Our d) My 8) We are friends. This is ____ old school. a) his b) my c) their d) our 9) I am sad. It isn't ____ pencil. a) his b) my c) her d) our 10) He isn't happy. ____ train is old. a) His b) Her c) Their d) Our 11) They are brothers. There are _____ mum and dad. a) our b) their c) his d) your 12) You aren't slow. It's ____ prize. a) his b) my c) her d) your

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