1) I ... a new dress yesterday. a) buy b) bought c) have bought 2) She ... anything since 9 o'clock this morning. a) hasn't eaten b) ate c) didn't eat 3) He ... to school last week. He was ill. a) hasn't gone b) don't go c) didn't go 4) I ... such a delicious cake. a) have never eaten b) has never eat c) never ate 5) ... me last night? a) Did you call b) Do you call c) Have you called 6) She ... married in 2008. a) has got b) have got c) got 7) Joe ... in Wales for five years. a) lived b) has lived c) have lived 8) I ... TV last night. a) didn't watch b) haven't watched c) hasn't watched 9) They ... their homework yet. a) has finished b) haven't finished c) finished 10) Last year, the Smiths ... to Australia. a) have gone b) went c) have never gone





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