1) WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW IS DID 2) My family just got a dog. 3) My favorite subject is math. 4) It's nice to meet you. 5) I had fun in culinary arts today. 6) Oops. Sorry. I knocked over your books. 7) I played a fun game with my family last night. 8) Career ed was really fun today. 9) I'm going to the movies this weekend. 10) I had so much fun in the snow. 11) I got a new video game. 12) My brother came home from college. 13) I had a great weekend. 14) I can't wait for Break. 15) We have a new student in our class. 16) My Dad got a new car. 17) I don't feel well. 18) I'm going to a birthday party this weekend. 19) It's my grandmother's birthday this weekend. 20) My cousin is coming this weekend. 21) Pizza is my favorite food. 22) My birthday is tomorrow




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