1) This hotel … in 1975. a) is built b) were built c) has been built d) was built 2) It … at the moment. a) is being renovated b) was renovated c) has been renovated d) are renovated 3) It … next year by the Mayor. a) was reopened b) will be reopened c) are reopened d) has been 4) A new dining room … by the end of this year. a) will add b) has been added c) will have been added d) had been added 5) The bus stop … by vandals last night. a) had been destroyed b) is destroyed c) was destroyed d) has been destroyed. 6) Elections … next spring. a) were held b) will be held c) had been held d) is being 7) We noticed that the window ... a) had been broken b) has been broken c) have been broken d) will be broken 8) Smoking … in public places by the govenment. a) were banned b) has been banned c) have been banned d) was being banned 9) A new shopping centre … on the outskirts of town now. a) was built b) are being built c) was being built d) is being built 10) The pyramids … more than 4,500 years ago. a) was built b) are built c) were built d) will have been built


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