disagreeing: I don't think so., I'm afraid I (have to) disagree., That's not always true/the case!, I guess, but..., No, I'm not sure about that., asking for ideas/opinion: What's your idea?, How do you feel about that?, What do you think?, Wouldn't you say so?, Do you agree?, I have run out of ideas. Can you add something?, interruptions: Can I add something here?, May I add something?, I'm sorry to interrupt., Sorry to butt in...., Sorry, you were saying, Please let me finish.., agreeing: I agree with you 100%., I couldn't agree with you more., You are absolutely right., You have a point there., I was just going to say the same., stating your opinion: In my opinion..., The way I say it..., As far as I know...., If you ask me..,

Useful expressions for discussions and debates




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