Remember to _______ patients twice daily at 8.00am and 8.00pm. WEIGHT, Why do you always want to go with those ignorant ___ people? WORTH, This is the most interesting ___ I've ever seen. PERFORM, Are you ___ of sailing in the prevailing conditions? ABLE, Such an act would have been deceitful and ___ . RESPONSIBILITY, There is already enough ___ without that, you know. PRESS, You'd ___ too many people off with that speech. FRIGHT, We must experience ___, pain, and death because we are alive. ANXIOUS, I feel ___ about including the last sentence. HESITATE, Now surely our ___ government must go. CREDIT , The handshake is a basic gesture of ___ .FRIEND, They fell into a ___ sleep which lasted until they were rediscovered in 1878. MIRACLE, I've had a very sheltered ___, so this has really been an eye-opener. BRING, The music was ___ loud, you couldn't hear yourself think. BELIEVE, Silk is always wonderful too, even if it's totally ___ . PRACTICE, People are being ________ into parting with their money. LEAD, The government stopped funding ______ industries. PROFIT, It's normal for there to be _______ between brothers and sisters. COMPETE, Walking the dog is ideal exercise for anyone and the fresh air will be ___ too. BENEFIT, Her face was blotched and ___ with crying. SWELL, There is a growing ______ that she will resign. BELIEVE, It should come as no surprise that cycling builds leg ___ . STRONG, He helped his underage son _______ his birth date to illegally obtain a driver's license. FALSE, All ___ must be over 18. APPLY, It's an ___ and dangerous policy. LOGIC, As he was watching them, his eyes began to ___ in astonishment. WIDE, Doctors have developed a new, modern ___ technique involving ultra-sound. PAIN, There is a feeling of isolation and professional ___ in schools. SECURE, Many candidates showed little ___ of the problems from the headhunter's point of view. APPRECIATE, Do these goods comply with our safety _________? REQUIRE, We were unable to establish_______ of her innocence. PROVE, An attempt is also being made to ___ textures and symbols where possible. STANDARD, He took to it like the ___ fish to water. PROVERB, In all ___________ the vase was made in the seventeenth century.LIKELY, He's definitely someone very nervy, very jumpy and basically___ . SECURITY, 'I regret, I cannot offer any ___, Madame' he said with a smile. REFRESH, He's like a politician who wants to convince you of his _____. SINCERE, There's no damage done, there's no ___ . THIEF, But the level of social welfare was so high that poverty was ___ . THINK, The first thing he discovered was that Newley had not died ___ . ACCIDENT, The whole method is a form of ___ . SIMPLE, But are we allowing ourselves to be carried away by false ___? VAIN, Moments before there was a ___ with a car. COLLIDE, It was not, he admits, the wisest ___ for a beginner. CHOOSE, You can hold the snake: it's _____. HARM, The government is noted for its ___________ drugs policy. COMPROMISE, He admired the ___ of relationships he saw around him. WARM, We have caused enough harm by our ___, irresponsible, selfish behaviour. THINK, But not all ___ are valid in reference to pedagogy. IMPLY, And he accepts that he set out on the lonely road to ___ too early in life. STAR, Critics say he has been weak and _______ . DECIDE, He tried to look ___, but it didn't work. APOLOGY, The country will _______ currency controls to encourage spending abroad. LOOSE, For some _______ reason, she chose that moment to break the news. EXPLAIN, We spend $5 million a year on _________. ADVERTISEMENT, Which women do you ___ about? FANTASY, Every time the pictorial elements were similar, if not almost ___ . IDENTITY, All this she heard, even understood, but still she was ___ . SPEAK, The jury found the doctor criminally _______. NEGLECT, She's made an official ___ .COMPLAIN, The economies of Western Europe and Japan experienced ___ growth. PRECEDE, The system is liable to suffer from ___ of the type discussed above. ACCURATE, It was a ___ room with a deep bay window overlooking the river. SPACE, In that case, young lady, you would have my undying ___ . GRATEFUL, It was very __________ of you. Thank you. CONSIDER, It would be much more ___ for you to marry a woman with money. SENSE, The tension in the room seemed ___ . ENDURE, Winners will be _______as soon as possible. NOTE, The evidence from ___ times can seldom be interpreted with any certainty. HISTORY, 'Play' and 'game' are used ____- it does not matter which. CHANGE.

CAE 2 - Unit 08 - Word Formation Further Practice


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