Taxation without Representation - Colonist upset they had no say in taxes they were forced to pay, Boston Tea Party - colonist dumped tea to protest Tea Act, Lexington and Concord - Shot Heard Round the World; 1st shot of the American Revolution, Battle of Saratoga - turning point of the war; France decides to help us, Surrender at Yorktown - Last battle of the American Revolution, led to signing of Treaty of Paris, George Washington - Commander of the Continental Army, British General "Coward" Cornwallis - general who hid in a cave while his men surrendered at Yorktown, Treaty of Paris 1783 - treaty that ended American Revolution, Winter at Valley Forge - cold, harsh conditions, many men died, Marquis de Lafayette - French General that helped Washington train Continental Army, James Armistead - Slave and Washingtons trusted spy, Wentworth Cheswell - African American who fought in Battle of Saratoga, France - country who aided American colonist, Declaration of Independence - colonist declare independence from England in this letter, Second Continental Congress - meeting where Washington is appointed commander of Continental Army,

American Revolution


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