I think you're nice., Theo wanted both of them., There goes Beth with her friend Seth., Mathias threw the frisbee to Beth., Ethan and Seth walked to school with Beth., Mr. Smith thought about the python., Nathan thought both of them were right., Samantha is thinking about the marathon., Beth will come with us., Theo said, "Thanks alot.", Nathan wanted us to throw it over there., Mathias will think about it until Thursday., Ethan and Seth will some with them., Mr. Smith said, "I think so Samantha.", Ethan told us to come with him., Mathias said, "I think both of them are awesome.", Was that thunder?, Nathan went with Seth on Thursday., Nathan, Mathias, and Ethan were so thirsty on Thursday., Do you think so Beth?, Thank you Mathias., Can I go with you Samantha?, Ethan and Seth went to the bathroom., I think Mathias went to the bathroom., Do you think we need toothpaste?, Do I have to take a bath on Thursday?, Mathias thinks math is hard., Ethan thinks math is easy., Mr. Smith said, "Don't even think about it!", Do you think that will work Beth?, Those people think math is the best on Thursday., Did you hear it thunder on Thursday?, Mathias will take another path., Ethan thought he lost his tooth., Theo bought 3 new toothbrushes., Samantha lost 13 teeth on Thursday., Beth did 33 math problems on Thursday, WOW!, Theo opened his mouth for the dentist on Thursday., Ethan and Seth think Earth is cool., What month did Seth and Beth do all their math?.

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