Correct: avoid doing , can't stand doing, enjoy doing, practise doing, look forward to doing, stop doing, miss doing, be good AT doing, be interested IN doing, (not) mind doing, agree to do, allow to do, ask to do, choose to do, decide to do, forget to do, hope to do, learn to do, try to do, want to do, would like / love to do, hate doing, like doing, prefer doing, Incorrect: avoid to do, can't stand to do, enjoy to do, practise to do, look forward to do, miss to do, be good at to do, be interested in to do, (not mind) to do, agree doing, allow doing, ask doing, choose doing, decide doing, forget doing, hope doing, learn dong, try doing, want doing, would like doing,

WW3, 1.4 - Gerund of Infinitive




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