1) It is a beautful _______ outside! a) bird b) day c) boy 2) Oh no! I __________ the milk. a) spilled b) spilling c) ate 3) I was _________ in the dirt. a) run b) play c) digging 4) I brought a _______ for the birthday party. a) gift b) skunk c) house 5) I was cold, so I went to get a ________________. a) water b) fire c) blanket 6) Illiana _____________ her singing at home. a) practiced b) practice c) watched 7) 1,2,3! Eyes on _____! a) candy b) squishy c) me 8) I am __________ my dog new tricks. a) teaching b) teach c) playing 9) Elijah _____ working so hard at home! a) is b) are c) elephant 10) This is the last ____________! a) raining b) question c) turtles

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