forehead - above your eyebrows, lashes - hairs over your eyes, nostril - part of the nose, temples - the sides of your forehead, lobe - part of the ear, Adam's apple - hard knob in your throat, trunk - the middle section of your body, collar bone - the bone along the bottom of your neck, belly - another word for stomach, palm - the under side of your hand, knuckles - the parts of your fingers and toes that bend, index finger - the finger you point with, pinkie - little finger or toe, thigh - the top of your leg, lap - the tops of your legs when sitting, shin - the bottom front of your leg, calf - the bottom back of your leg, ankle - where your leg joins your foot, heel - the backend of your foot, arch - the curve of the bottom of your foot, sole - the whole bottom of your boot, torso - another word for trunk, armpit - your underarm, tummy - another word for belly,

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