1) The movie is boring. 2) Dogs are the best pets, 3) Dad took me to the movies. 4) My dog barks. 5) My dog is the loudest barker in my town. 6) Dogs are so cute. 7) Apples are fruit. 8) Apples are delicious. 9) My at is furrier than your cat. 10) Mom gave me a piece of cake. 11) the cake is delicious. 12) My car is back and grey. 13) The New York Knicks is the best Basketball team. 14) ACS is located in Leonia. 15) I think that Christmas is the best time of year. 16) Kittens are cuter than puppies. 17) French fries are made from potatoes. 18) Snickers taste better than Starburst. 19) It is very hot outside today. 20) Yesterday, it rained



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