affliction - Despite their problems, they remain positive and show courage in the face of ___., enquiring - She has inherited her father’s ___ mind and is always hungry for knowledge and information, eye-opener - Living in another country can be a real ___. It teaches you a lot about life., lengths - She went to incredible ___ to impress her new boyfriend., lap up - Sadly, some people ___ all fake news they read on social media with enthusiasm., hoodwinked - The magician was so good that he ___ the whole crowd!, outlook - John is a very optimistic person. He always has a positive ___ on life., splitting - I just can´t get out of bed. I´ve got a ___ headache., wholeheartedly - I believe ___ that this plan will succeed., haunt - Her past has now come back to ___ her., flying - We don´t have much time, so we´ll make a ___ visit over the weekend., serendipity - We met by pure ___. It was written in the stars!, well-intentioned - It was a ___ plan, but it did more harm than good in the long run., stage fright - Although he has a lot of experience as an actor, he still suffers from ___.,

Unit 1 Word List


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