budget - The company can´t afford a new computer because of the current ___ constraints., thrown - I was completely ___ by the interviewer´s questions and didn´t know what to say., died out  - About 35 Australian Aboriginal languages have already ___ or are in critical danger. , facets - She has so many ___ to her personality., get stuck - If you want to learn a new language, you should ___ into it and make an effort., detrimental effect - Smoking has a ___ on your health., limited prospects - Lack of education means that young people have ___., requisite skills - This training should give you the ___ to do the job., impending - The ___ catastrophe of the extinction of languages looks unavoidable., lost touch with his roots - Pierre has lived abroad for so long that he has ___. He doesn´t feel at home in France any longer., serves no useful purpose - Nobody ever uses the college coffee machine. It ___., shift away - Children ___ from the language of their ancestors if it doesn´t promise them the chance of a better life., stand you in good stead - Doing a part-time job will ___ when you go to college., up to scratch - I´m sorry but your essay isn´t ___. You must rewrite it. ,

Unit 2 Word List


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