tract - drag or pull (___tor), tox - poison (___ic), struct - to build (con_____), strict - make tight (con______), spec - see or look (in_____t), sist - to make firm or to stay (in_____), sens - feeling (____itive), sect - cut (dis_____), scrib - write (____ble), rupt - break (inter____), pend - hang (sus____), pel - drive or push (ex___), mit - send (trans___), min - little or small (___iature), lect - choose (e____), junct - join (_____ion), ject - throw (e____), fract - break (_____ure), flex - bend (___able), fid - trust (con___ent), fect - make (in____), duct - lead or guide (con____), dict - speak (____ate), cred - believe (____able),

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