1) She's the ________________________ of her mother's eye. a) pineapple b) peach c) apple 2) She is so happy because she has a _____________ in the __________________. a) bun/ stove b) bun/ oven c) bread/oven 3) Computers and video games are the ____________ ____________ _______________ of my life. a) bread and butter b) butter and milk c) bacon and eggs 4) My cousin has red hair! We call him __________ ___________. a) muffin top b) orange head c) carrot top 5) I want a job that allows me to have my _______________ and _____________ it too. a) cake/eat b) cake/ drink c) cake/ bake 6) Kim Namjoon is one ___________ ___________________. They call him a genius! a) smart muffin b) smart cookie c) dumb cookie 7) Studying math is NOT a __________ ______ _______________. a) slice of pie b) slice of cake c) piece of cake 8) My friends say that Star Wars isn't their __________ ____________ __________________. a) cup of coffee b) cup of tea c) glass of tea


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