Yoyo - A toy with a string that goes up and down, Balloon - You fill me with air or helium and watch me float, Thread - You use me with a needle to sew, Yam - I am a vegetable and look like a sweet potato, Backyard - I am behind your house, a place you can play, Lollipop - Candy that comes on a stick, Toothpaste - You put me on your toothbrush to clean your teeth, Months - There are 12 of me on a calendar, Young - The opposite of "old", Yellow - I rhyme with fellow, a color in the rainbow, Television - I watch my shows on this, Wallet - I keep my money in this in my pocket, Jellyfish - Find me by the ocean, I can be clear and gel like and may sting, Thunder - The loud boom in a storm, Salad - I am made of lettuce and vegetables in a bowl,

"L" "Y" and "TH" Articulation Clues


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