1) To change something a) alter b) confuse c) embrace d) equipt 2) A person who is hurt or suffering a) flexible b) eject c) embrace d) victim 3) To make someone feel mixed up a) embrace b) confuse c) keen d) limp 4) A quick moment a) keen b) shallow c) instant d) seize 5) Not deep a) seize b) alter c) shallow d) surround 6) To hand out a) distribute b) eject c) equipt d) instant 7) To throw out a) embrace b) scurry c) eject d) alter 8) To take something a) keen b) equipt c) eject d) seize 9) Give someone the things they need to do something a) distribute b) confuse c) equipt d) scurry 10) Having strong interest in something a) keen b) victim c) shallow d) seize 11) To move very quickly a) limp b) surround c) scurry d) equip 12) To hold something tightly a) limp b) embrace c) keen d) seize 13) To walk in an uneven way a) limp b) scurry c) eject d) distribute 14) Able to adjust to changes well a) equipt b) shallow c) surround d) flexible 15) To be all around something a) keen b) surround c) alter d) shallow

Wordly Wise book 4 Unit 7


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