____ blood that has traveled through the body supplying nutrients to tissues eventually returns to the heart through the superior and the inferior ____. Blood then enters the ____ where a small contraction pushes blood through the ____ and into the ____. Blood is then pushed out through the ____ and into the pulmonary trunk. This structure branches into two, the left and the right ____ which will deliver the blood to the lungs where it will become ____. Gas exchange occurs in the ____. Respiratory structures called ____ diffuse ____ into tiny blood vessels called ____. Those blood vessels diffuse ____ in return, and blood is now oxygenated. Blood returns from the lungs through the left and right ____ which empties into the ____. Blood then goes through the ____ and enters the ____. A powerful contraction will send blood through the ____ and into the ____, where blood will travel to body tissues.




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