1) Tom was crabby after he lost the game.  a) Tom is happy b) Tom is excited c) T om is sad d) Tom is grouchy. 2) My computer is such a dinosaur, I can't do anything with it. a) My computer is so strange. b) My computer is huge. c) My computer is old d) My computer is one of a kind 3) A way to make money with out doing any work at all, that sounds fishy. a) That sounds interesting. b) That sounds suspicious. c) That sounds weird. d) That sounds funny. 4) The plans for my party are up in the air until the world gets healthy again. a) plans are far away b) plans are happening now c) plans haven't been decided yet d) plans will happen very soon 5) I had butterflies in my stomach waiting in line for the rollercoaster.  a) I felt confident. b) I felt full. c) I felt angry. d) I felt nervous. 6) Max needs to hit the books if he wants to get straight A's. a) Jack needs to slap a book with his hand. b) Jack needs to study. c) Jack needs to clean his room. 7) My brother went bananas when he won tickets to the Super Bowl.  a) My brother happy and crying tears of joy. b) My brother was angry, shouting, and shaking his fist. c) My brother was very emotional in a crazy, over the top way. 8) Katelyn loves to meet new people, she is a social butterfly.  a) She is carefree.  b) She loves being around people. c) She is very shy. d) S he is nervous. 9) Mrs. Canino told Aaron that she was all ears when he showed her his project.  a) She is listening carefully. b) She has large ears. c) She loves corn on the cob. d) She doesn't hear well. 10) Anthony always has a bag of candy, he has such a sweet tooth. a) He has a cavity. b) He loves sugar. c) He has candy teeth. 11) Crystal was so excited by the gossip, she accidentally spilled the beans. a) Crystal spilled a can of beans b) Crystal fell down. c) Crystal told a secret. d) Crystal overslept. 12) Sue and Betty are always together, they are like two peas in a pod. a) Betty and Sue liked to eat peas for dinner. b) Betty and Sue had very opposite personalities. c) Betty and Sue turned were close friends that like similar things. 13) I need to say money, that huge TV costs an arm and a leg!! a) The TV is overpriced or very expensive b) The TV wants your arm and leg to buy something. c) You can't pay for it with cash. 14) John had to mow the lawn again after rushing through it. His mom said to stop cutting corners and do it right. a) Do not cut the corners of the square off. b) Not performing a task or duty correctly in order to save time or money c) Stop making things round.


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