1) - Is this your first time in the UK, Anna? - No, I _____ a holiday in Scotland last year. a) have b) has c) had d) haved 2) - Really? I love Scotland! Where _____? a) did you staied b) did you stay c) do you stayed d) did you stayed 3) - We _____ in Edinburgh. We ____ a hotel online, but unfortunately when we _____, we _____ it. a) staied, booked, arrived, not liked b) stayed, bookked, arrived, didn't liked c) stayed, booked, arrived, didn't like d) staied, booked, arrived, didn't like 4) So we ____ the hotel and _____ an apartment. It ___ great! a) left, rented, were b) leaved, rented, was c) leaved, rentted, been d) left, rented, was 5) And what about you? When _____ in Scotland? a) were you b) did you be c) you were d) did you were 6) - Oh, a long time ago. I ____ a university course there. I _____ it, but I ___ Scotland. a) started, didn't finished, loved b) started, didn't finish, loved c) startted, not finished, loved d) started, didn't finished, love




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