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1) The SECOND CONDITIONAL is used to talk about... a) real situations about the present b) unreal situations about the present c) real situation about the past d) unreal situations about the past 2) It states UNREAL SITUATIONS ABOUT THE PRESENT and... a) their real consequences b) their imaginary consequences 3) We use IF + .. a) Present Simple structure b) Present Perfect structure c) Past Simple structure 4) Is the SIMPLE PAST in Cond 2 used to talk about THE PAST? a) Yes, it is b) No, it isn't 5) The imaginary situation uses... a) WOULD + INFINITIVE b) HAD + INFINITIVE c) WILL + INFINITIVE 6) Does the sentence take the "comma" when we star from the consequence? i.e. "I would buy a bigger house (,) if I had a lot of money" a) YES b) NO 7) "If I could go to school, I would hug my friends" a) CORRECT b) INCORRECT 8) "I wouldn't call her if I am you" a) CORRECT b) INCORRECT 9) Choose the correct ending: "If she were a teacher, ..." a) she will teach online b) she would teach online c) she taught online 10) Choose the correct ending: "What would you do if...? a) you were able to visit someone tomorrow? b) you are able to visit someone tomorrow? c) you will be able to visit someone tomorow?



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