1) If you _______ (not/slow down), you will have an accident a) won't slow down b) don't slow down 2) If I fail my exams, I _______ (be) very unhappy a) am b) will be 3) We can go for a drink if I (finish) my work on time a) finish b) will finish 4) If it snows tomorrow, I _____ (wear) a hat. a) will wear b) wear 5) If you _______ (speak) English every day, you will learn quicker. a) will speak b) speak 6) Your dinner _______ (not/get) cold if you eat it now. a) won't get b) don't get c) doesn't get 7) I’ll be on vacation if you _______ (visit) me next week. a) visit b) will visit 8) If you go outside without a sweater, you _____ (get) sick. a) get b) will get 9) If you _______ (not/help) me, I won’t be able to finish my work a) won't help b) don't help 10) If you drink too much coffee, you ______ (not/be able) to sleep. a) won't be b) don't be

Complete these first conditional sentences with the simple present or ‘will’




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