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WWII: We got involved because our naval base was attacked, Our enemies surrendered after the A-bomb was dropped on two major cities, Korean War: We got involved because the northern part of this country wanted to spread communism, This conflict ended in a stalemate, and the country split into two parts- one communist, one republic, Cuban Missile Crisis: We got involved because this country allowed the Soviet Union to place major weapons on their island , Diplomacy was used to end this conflict, WWI: We got involved because the Lusitania, a passenger ship was sunk by Germany, The allies won after a truce was made to end the fighting, Iran Hostage Crisis: Our embassy in this country was attacked and U.S. hostages were taken, We used sanctions against this country to convince them to release our hostages, Tools to Resolve Conflicts: Diplomacy, Military Action, Humanitarian Aid, Treaties, Talking it out, Trade Sanctions/Embargoes ,


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