1) To be disappointed a) BUMMER b) RING A BELL c) OUT OF THE BLUE 2) Something that sounds familiar a) BREAK IN b) HIT A SACK c) RING A BELL 3) To end a relantionship a) BREAK UP b) BREAK IN c) MAKE ENDS MEET 4) Go to sleep a) GO OUT b) HIT THE SACK c) GET UP 5) To return a) GET BACK b) LOOK BACK c) GO AHEAD 6) Completely unexpected a) BUMMER b) OUT OF THE BLUE c) ONCE IN A BLUE MOON 7) To believe in something a) TO BUY SOMETHING b) LOOK INTO c) GET BACK 8) Make enough money to pay the bills a) TAKE ENDS MEET b) GET ENDS TO MEET c) MAKE ENDS MEET 9) Leave the house a) GO OUT b) BE OUT c) TAKE A WALK 10) To investigate a) BOOK INTO b) GET INTO c) LOOK INTO


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