Abigail Adams - Wife of John Adams, wrote many letters encouraging her husband and stressed ideas about women’s rights., John Adams - Served in the Continental Congress and helped Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence, Sam Adams - Started the Sons of Liberty, served in the Continental Congress, James Armistead - An enslaved man who became a spy for George Washington, Crispus Attucks - Free African American businessman who was killed at the Boston Massacre., Wentworth Cheswell - Former slave who, like Paul Revere, made a midnight ride warning that the British army was coming, Benjamin Franklin - His Albany Plan of Union from the French-Indian War inspired the Continental Congress., Patrick Henry - His “give me liberty or give me death” speech inspired many to support American independence., Thomas Jefferson - The main writer of the Declaration of Independence, Marquis de Lafayette - French military leader who joined the American side, John Paul Jones - Commander of the American navy, Thomas Paine - Wrote the pamphlet “Common Sense,” which went viral and convinced many to support American independence., Mercy Otis Warren - Woman who worked with Sam Adams on the Committees of Correspondence- her letters inspired support for American Independence, George Washington - The General and Commander in chief of the Continental (American) Army., John Hancock - Leader of the Continental Congress, signed his name in large letters on the Declaration of Independence., King George III - The King of England, Lord Cornwallis - Commander of His Majesty George III’s army in the 13 Colonies.,




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