1) Amaya had seventeen (17) shirts. Six (6) of the shirts were blue and the rest are red. How many shirts are red? 2) 17 flowers are in a vase. 8 are roses and the rest are daisies. How many daisies are in the vase? 3) Heramb balanced nine (9) apples on his head! How many more apples does he need to balance nineteen (19) apples on his head? 4) 12 pennies were in the piggy bank. Jack put some more pennies in the piggy bank. Now there are 20 pennies in the bank. How many pennies did Jack put in the piggy bank? 5) Swayam had 8 baseball cards when he went out to recess. When he came in from recess, he had 5 baseball cards. How many baseball cards did he lose at recess? 6) Sahasra had twenty (20) seeds. She planted some of those seeds. Now she has twelve (12) seeds left. How many seeds did Sahasra plant?




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