You have ants in your pants - You're wiggling, I'm feeling blue - I am sad, My eyes are bigger than my stomach - I took more food than I can eat, Please give me a hand - Please help, I'm in a pickle - I'm in trouble, I hit the nail on the head - I got it correct, Walk a mile in my shoes - Put yourself in my place, I have butterflies in my stomach - I am nervous, Don't give me the cold shoulder - Don't ignore me, That's a piece of cake - That's easy, I'm on top of the world - I'm doing really well, I have a green thumb - I'm good at growing things, Break a leg - Good luck, Don't cut corners - Do your best instead of skipping something, My words went in one ear and out the other - You didn't listen to me, Hang in there - Don't give up, I'm green with envy - I'm jealous, Time flies - Time goes quickly, Don't spill the beans - Don't tell the secret, It's raining cats and dogs - It's raining hard,


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