1) I have to .............an important telephone call. a) make b) do 2) Today she didn't ___ the bed. a) do b) make 3) She was late so she didn't ___ breakfast for the children a) do b) make 4) He ___ his homework, but forgot to bring it to school a) did b) made 5) She has to ___ the housework before going to work. a) do b) make 6) He was busy ___ the shopping so I didn't stop to talk to him. a) doing b) making 7) Why does he always ___ promises and then breaks them? a) does b) makes 8) She spends too much money and time ___ her hair and nails.  a) doing b) making 9) It was a pleasure ___ business with you.  a) doing b) making 10) You are going to have to ___ some changes. a) do b) make 11) He ___ a lot of money in his new business. a) does b) makes




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