For my school project, I decided to survey the students in my community about their culture and ____ activities. I wanted to learn how different ____ of their lives ____ their happiness and potential. I also wanted to compare and contrast the results with the ____ survey that was done by another student last year. I ____ approval to complete this project from my teacher after receiving from him the ____ to do a research project to complete the course. To ____ the survey, I had to ____ some questions that were relevant to students and ____ for the topic. I also had to select a sample of students from different categories, such as age, gender, and ____. I used a random number generator to choose the students from the school directory so ____ students wouldn't consume too much time. I asked them to ____ in the survey by filling out an online form that I created using a website. There were 1034 willing participants, which I had to ____ to 500 since I ____ my arm and didn't have enough time to manage that much data with one hand. After I collected the data, I had to combine each individual ____ into a complete table and ____ some statistics to summarize the information and make some graphs to visualize it. I used a software program that helped me do the calculations and create the charts. I also had to ____ the data and look for patterns and differences. I used some criteria to measure the level of happiness and ____ of the students, such as their academic performance, hobbies, and goals. The whole process was recorded in my journal. To write the report, I had to organize the data and the analysis into different ____. I also had to include an introduction, a ____, and a bibliography. I followed the guidelines and the format that my teacher gave me. I also checked my spelling and grammar using a tool that I ____ from an online ____ . The ____ report was 10 pages of ____ and graphs and had 4 chapters. The first chapter was about the background and the purpose of the project. The second chapter was about the methods and the procedures that I used to ____ the survey. The third chapter was about the results and the findings that I ____ from the data, including the ____ ____ that set different group apart from each other. The fourth chapter was about the discussion and the implications of the project. Some of the main findings that I discovered from the project were: - The students in my community were generally happy and had a ____ outlook on life. - The students who had a strong sense of culture and tradition were more likely to achieve their goals and have a higher potential by ____ their lives according to a system. - The students who had a diverse and ____ background were more likely to perceive and appreciate the differences and similarities among other people and cultures. - The students who had more ____ and opportunities were more likely to ____ in their education and future. - The students who had more friends and family support were more likely to maintain their health and well-being and feel ____ in life. Some of the main implications that I derived from the project were: - The school, as a public institution, should provide more programs and activities that promote and celebrate the culture and tradition of the students, even if it means ____ new facilities to do so. - The school should encourage more interaction and collaboration among the students from different regions and backgrounds ____ in different areas. - The school should offer more guidance and ____ to the students who need more help and support. - The school should continue to recognize and reward the achievements and the efforts of the students in a ____ of ways. - The school should create a ____ to foster a culture of learning and growth for students that transfers to ____ life outside of school. I learned a lot from this project, and I ____ lots of the success to my teacher who provided great assistance to me throughout. I learned that assumptions ____ to nothing, as my perceptions of my community were largely inaccurate and that there is an ____ of truth in the saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover." I also think it was a good way to contribute to my community and to make a positive ____. I hope that my project will be useful and interesting for other people who read it and will encourage ____ projects whose primary ____ is to ____ the good of local communities.

AWL 02A-D Review - Essay "My School Project"


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