1) I don't eat brownies often, it only happens once in a blue moon. a) Happens rarely b) blue moon brownies c) Happens when I am sad d) Happens all the time 2) He is always planting something outside. He has a green thumb.  a) His thumb is green b) He likes to hike c) He loves to garden d) He hates the outdoors 3) I can't go outside and play because it is raining. At least the silver lining is that the flowers will get watered! a) The flowers are silver b) Always look at the negative c) Raining is bad d) Something good can come out of something bad 4) I will be your friend no matter what, through thick and thin! a) No matter how tough or easy b) thick and thin skin c) only when it's easy d) to be silly 5) I am so tired. I need to hit the hay.  a) Stay awake b) Go to sleep c) Buy a bed d) hit a barrel of hay 6) Oh man! I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place! a) In a difficult situation b) Stuck between two rocks c) In a great situation d) Hobby of collecting rocks 7) I asked my mom if I could borrow the car this weekend. I'm not sure we are seeing eye to eye.  a) Disagreeing with someone b) Treating someone with respect c) Agreeing with someone d) Making eye contact 8) I hope she doesn't spill the beans about my new job promotion! a) To interfere with something b) To reveal something that is a secret c) To be clumsy d) to be very talkative 9) If possible, I'd like to kill two birds with one stone to save time. a) Make a sacrifice  b) Avoid an accident c) Accomplish two things from one action d) Accomplish one thing from two actions 10) I wouldn't worry about it! We are all in the same boat.  a) Passengers on the same boat b) Trying to accomplish something c) On the same sports team d) In the same position 11) The girl was upset because her crush at school gave her the cold shoulder. a) A warm parka b) Giving full attention c) Ignoring someone d) A cold beverage 12) I'm going to the library to hit the books.  a) study b) hide the books c) to rent a book d) to drop the books 13) My trip abroad next week is the icing on the cake!  a) The last part to happen b) A trip to the bakery c) Bad luck d) Makes a good situation better


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