1) What do you put up and decorate ? a) Rudolph b) Sleigh c) Tree d) Candy Cane 2) What can you make out of snow? a) Jingle Bells b) Letter c) Wreath d) Snowman 3) Where can you put up your Christmas tree? a) Grocery Store b) Home c) Car d) Bathroom 4) What rings in the sounds of the season? a) Lights b) Candy Cane c) Wreath d) Jingle Bells 5) When is Christmas Day? a) February b) March c) August d) December 6) Who leads Santa's sleigh? a) Car b) Rudolph c) Grandpa d) Snowman 7) What does Santa ride in? a) Sleigh b) Grocery Cart c) Car d) Truck 8) What does Santa bring? a) Coal b) Pickles c) Toys d) Banana 9) What is a Christmas song you can sing? a) Baby Shark b) Rock-in around the Christmas Tree c) Wheels on Bus d) Fireworks 10) Who will bring presents on Christmas Day? a) Snowman b) Dinosaur c) A Little Baby d) Santa


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