all ears - fully listening, break a leg - good-luck, cold feet - nervous just before a big event, cost an arm and a leg - be very expensive, cry your heart out - cry very hard, face the music - meet, stand up to unpleasant conseqences, for example criticism or punishment, (my) flesh and blood - relative, get something off one's chest - tell someone your problems, give a hand, lend a hand - help (someone) do something, have one's head in the clouds - be unaware or unrealistic about something, head over heels - deeply in love, head start - an earlier start, in over one's head - taking on a task that you can't handle, keep an eye on - take care of, watch in order to protect, keep one's chin up - try to be cheerful, learn by heart, know by heart - memorize, let one's hair down - relax, have fun, (my) lips are sealed - promise to keep a secret, makes my blood boil - makes me very angry, neck of the woods - nearby location or region, (an) old hand - an experienced person, over my dead body - not unless I'm dead and can't stop you, pat on the back - recognition or a thank-you, play something by ear - do something without a plan, pull one's leg - joke or tease someone, rule of thumb - basic rule (not always followed), see eye to eye - agree, (by the) skin of one's teeth - just barely, stick your neck out - help someone a lot, with possible bad consequences for oneself, sweet tooth - a love of sugar or sweet things,

Complete Advanced - Unit 5 - Extra body Idioms


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