I admit having eaten the cake, I can't afford to buy the tickets for the concert. , I agreed to visit my parents on Christmas., I can´t avoid thinking about my next holidays., I can't help eating ice cream., I chose not to go to the school that day., I deny having cheated in the exam., I enjoy running on Sunday mornings., I expect to have finished my graduation course by this time next year. , I finished doing my homework last night., I hope to travel on my next vacation., Working at Cultura Inglesa involves having the right qualifications. , Let´s keep on studying hard on Saturday mornings., I don´t mind waking up early., I offered to buy the flowers for the party., I pretended to be happy with that situation but, in fact, I wasn't., I promised to wash the dishes., I put off travelling to the beach due to bad weather., I refuse to go to that event because I don't like the people who will be there., I resent going to that party because it was boring., I risked meeting boring people at the party., I suggest having a break. ,

CAE - Gerunds and Infinitive


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