Wave at me, jump up and down two times, and say “Look over there!”, Walk to the door, say hello, and then cross your fingers., Stand up, turn around in a circle, and snap your fingers 4 times., Wiggle your fingers, name something blue, and wink at someone in the room., Put your hand over your mouth, wave with the other hand, and blink your eyes., Point to a corner in the room, count to 8, and stand up., Name a shape, pretend to wash your hands, and shake your head "No.", Tap your foot on the floor, count the chairs in the room, and put your elbows on the table., Sit on your hands, sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and, put both hands in the air., Name 2 of your friends, pretend to take off your watch, and pretend to sneeze., Say your ABC's, shake your head yes, and put your hands over your eyes., Name a color, pretend to put a shirt on, and name something that is red., Pretend to tie your shoe, count to 10, and clap your hands 3 times., Touch your toes, pat yourself on the head, and pretend to comb your hair., Say a number, put your hand on your shoulder, and count the chairs in the room., Close your eyes, pretend to drive a car, and say "Watermelon.", Touch your shoulders 3 times, touch your nose, and clap 2 times., Take a deep breath, point to a light in the room, and name a zoo animal., Touch your knees 2 times, give someone a high 5, touch your nose., Put your hands on your hips, give a thumbs up, and point to the door., Stand up, take a bow, and shake your head "yes.", Slap the table, stand up, and then hop 4 times., Quack like a duck, give someone a high five, and snap your fingers 2 times., Tell me your favorite color, count the people in the room, and clap your hands twice., Say your favorite food, pretend to eat a piece of candy, and blink your eyes 3 times..


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