Give 2 thumbs up, count the people in the room, and close your eyes., Scratch your head, tap your finger on the table, and sit down on the floor., Pretend to talk on the phone, tap your finger on the table, and say "Eat your vegetables.", Put your hand over your mouth, say "Donuts are sweet", and touch your knee., Scratch your head, look at the person next to you, and "say this is sticky"., Wave "goodbye", wink at someone, and bark like a dog., Stand up, jump up and down two times, and snap your fingers 3 times., Tap your foot 4 times, cover your ears with your hands, and stand up., Snap your fingers 2 times, look at the person next to you, and say "You're my best friend.", Spell your name, touch your elbows together, and touch your toes., Jump up and down 5 times, put your hands on your head, and laugh out loud., Clap your hands 4 times, snap your fingers 2 times, and pretend to open a present., Hop to the door, plug your nose, and say "It smells funny in here.", Say your age, name 3 animals, and shake your head "no.", Say your name, put your hands over your ears, and touch your toes 3 times., Stand up, snap you fingers two times, and walk on your tip toes., Say "Hello", pretend to take off your hat, and close your eyes., Count to 7, pretend to wash your face, and stand up., Say "Good Luck", name a shape, and then cross your fingers., Stand up, pretend to put on your glasses, and then turn around 2 times., Hold up 3 fingers, pat yourself on the back, and say "Speech is cool.", Tap your foot 2 times, close your eyes, and moo like a cow., Say a shape, say a number, and then say word that ends in "y.", Meow like a cat, clap your hands twice, and smile., Look up at the ceiling, give a "thumbs up" sign, and pretend to cry..


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