They made a circle with their hands. 1, She is so sad she is crying. 2, They are taking the sailboat on the water. 3, We ordered a salad for lunch. 4, The salt was dumped out on the table. 5, The desert had endless hills of sand. 6, You made a tall sandwich. 7, Don't run with scissors. 8, The seal rolled over on his back. 9, Put on your seat belt before leaving. 10, The seed will grow into a tree. 11, They made a seven out of stars. 12, She can sew the hole closed. 13, She is too sick to go to work. 14, The sign said 106 more miles. 15, She was not nervous to sing. 16, Get some water from the sink. 17, She would sit and wait everyday for the bus. 18, Wash your hands with soap. 19, They always want to play soccer. 20, The sock is hanging on the fence. 21, She told her dad sorry for not listening. 22, I ate chicken noodle soup when I was sick. 23, She found out that lemons are sour. 24, The sun was starting to set. 25, A sunflower grew in the garden. 26.

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a(z) Kártyaosztó egy nyílt végű sablon. Nem hoz létre pontszámokat egy ranglistán.

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