His bicycle is the blue one. 1, Her grandmother gave her the bracelet. 2, She was a ballet dancer. 3, Christmas is a holiday in December. 4, There was a dinosaur in the park. 5, The dresser is made of wood. 6, He used an eraser on his paper. 7, The faucet started to drip. 8, His glasses helped him see. 9, The grasshopper has big legs. 10, The insect has orange wings. 11, She is kissing the horse. 12, Listen with the headphones. 13, He is holding the medicine bottle. 14, There was a message in the bottle. 15, He needed to clean his messy room. 16, We ride the motorcycle in the field. 17, His muscle is so big. 18, It is a beautiful day outside. 19, He needs to sharpen his pencil. 20, He has been a policeman for 10 years. 21, The popsicle is cold. 22, They are racing on the horse track. 23, The waiter gave him his receipt. 24, This is the best cookie recipe. 25, She is showing people how to recycle. 26.


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