1) My dog has four big _____________. a) straw b) paws c) crawl d) draw e) sauce f) haunt 2) The rocket is about to _________________. a) launch b) haunt c) autumn d) laundry e) paws f) crawl 3) A _______________ is a large bird. a) claws b) draw c) hawk d) yawn e) lawn f) straw 4) The lion has very sharp _______________. a) straw b) draw c) hawk d) claws e) awful f) law 5) We like to ______________ in art class. a) paws b) draw c) crawl d) lawn e) sauce f) fault 6) She put her clothes in the ________________. basket a) launch b) fault c) laundry d) author e) pause f) cause 7) I like red ______________ on my pasta. a) sauce b) pause c) fault d) launch e) cause f) laundry 8) I ____________ when I am tired a) draw b) claws c) straw d) yawn e) saw f) paws 9) The man cut the tree with a ____________. a) yawn b) lawn c) awful d) saw e) draw f) law 10) We had to _______________ the movie for a minute. a) sauce b) pause c) author d) cause e) launch f) fault




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