How old are you?, Where do you come from?, Where do you live? , What subject do you like best at school?, What clothes do you wear to school?, What do you eat after school? , Tell me something about the homework you have to do. , Who do you live with?, How many bedrooms are there in your house? , Where do you watch TV at home?, What's your favourite room in your house? , Tell me what you like doing at home. , What do you do in the mornings? , Do you get up early?, What do you normally eat for breakfast? , Do you live in a house or a flat?, How often do you see your friends? , Who do you see more, your friends or your family? , Who is your favourite teacher? , Do you always do your homework? , How often do you do sport?, What is your favourite sport? , Do you like doing sport inside or outside? , Where do you usually go on holiday? , What was your best holiday? Why? , Where do you want to live in the future? , What job do you want to do? , Will you live in your hometown in the future? , Do you have a hobby?, What is the most popular hobby in your family? .

A2 KEY for Schools - Part 1


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