1) The sign says you _________ take photos in the museum. It’s not allowed. a) must b) have to c) needn’t d) mustn’t 2) We ___________ make a lot of noise when we get home because it’s really late. a) mustn’t b) can c) needn't d) don’t have 3) I _____________ do the shopping for you if you like. I’ve got plenty of time a) must b) needn’t c) can d) mustn't 4) Jake go to his favourite shop today. It’s closed a) mustn’t b) has to c) must d) can’t 5) __________ wear uniforms at your school? a) Can you b) Need you c) Could you d) Do you have to 6) I ___________ buy food today because there’s plenty in the fridge. a) needn’t b) have to c) must d) mustn't 7) I ____________ go to the cinema with you – Mum says it’s OK! a) mustn't b) don't have to c) can't d) can 8) You ________________ go into the college library. You can find the information on the Internet. a) can b) don't need to c) have to d) must

Modal verbs for obligation and permission (B1)




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