1) I'm meeting my best friend ________ evening. a) at b) this c) on 2) I can't play now. I'm doing my homework. a) Present b) Future 3) Look! She is wearing her new top! a) Present b) Future 4) What are you doing ________ week? a) at b) next c) on d) in 5) I'm going snowboarding ________ Saturday. a) at b) in c) on 6) I'm going snowboarding ________ December. a) in b) at c) on 7) I'm going to the dentist ________ 4.30 pm. a) in b) at c) on 8) He's having dinner at the moment. a) Present b) Future 9) They're playing tennis on Thursday. a) Present b) Future 10) I'm having a party ________ 2022. a) in b) at c) on 11) Sam is visiting his grandma ________ the summer. a) in b) at c) on 12) Anja is visiting her aunt this weekend. a) Present b) Future 13) My dad is flying to Germany ________ Monday. a) in b) at c) on 14) I'm staying at home ____________ night. a) this b) tomorrow 15) What are you doing ________ morning? a) on b) at c) this d) in 16) Tom isn't starting school ________ September. a) on b) at c) in 17) ________ the afternoon they are going swimming. a) on b) at c) in 18) Ben is wearing a pair of trainers this evening. a) Present b) Future 19) We're having a Trinity exam in May. a) Present b) Future 20) Are you meeting your friends tonight? a) Present b) Future




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