Living room - The room in a house or apartment that is used for relaxing, and entertaining guests, but not usually for eating, Bathroom - A room with a bath and/or shower and often a toilet, Hall - The area just inside the main entrance of a house, apartment or other building which leads to other rooms and usually to the stairs, Utility room - Usually just for washing machine, freezer etc., Shed - A separated building from the house usually for storing garden tools, Loft - Space in the roof of the house usually used only for storage, Attic - Room in the roof space of a house (could be lived in.), Cellar - Room below ground level without any windows used for storage, Basement - Room below ground level, with windows, used for living and working, Landing - Flat area at the top of a staircase, Porch - Covered area before the entrance door, Pantry or larder - Large cupboard used, especially in the past, for storing food, Terrace or patio - Paved area between the house and garden for sitting and eating, etc., Study - A room for reading, writing, working and studying in, Balcony - An area with a wall or bars around it that is joined to the outside wall of a building on an upper level, Detached house - A building that is not connected to any other building, Semi-detached house - A building that is joined to another similar house on only one side, Apartment or flat - A building for living in, usually on one floor of a building, Terraced house - A building that is joined to the houses on either side of it by shared walls, Cottage - A small building, usually in the countryside, sometimes with a thatched roof,


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