1) You mustn't cycle in bus lanes a) True b) False 2) Everybody has to do six months of military service a) True b) False 3) Which is the busiest London Airport? a) Heathrow b) Gatwick c) Stansted 4) You don't have to pay to use motorways a) True b) False 5) You have to be 21 to buy alcohol a) True b) False 6) Which is the most popular kind of restaurant? a) British b) Chinese c) Indian 7) All dogs and cats must have a microchip with the name and address of their owner a) True b) False 8) Which is the biggest city after London? a) Edinburgh b) Birmingham c) Manchester 9) You don't have to have an ID card a) True b) False 10) You have to be over 16 to have a Facebook or Twitter account a) True b) False 11) Which is the longest river? a) The Thames b) The Severn c) The Avon 12) You have to be 18 to ride a 50cc motorbike a) True b) False 13) Where is the sunniest part of Britain? a) the south-west b) the south-east c) the north-west 14) You mustn't leave a child under 12 alone at home a) True b) False 15) Which is the wettest city? a) Cardiff b) Belfast c) Manchester 16) You don't have to vote in a general election a) True b) False 17) Which is the largest football stadium? a) Old Trafford b) Wembley c) Emirates Stadium 18) Which is the most popular outdoor activity? a) fishing b) walking c) gardening 19) All shops must be closed on Sundays a) True b) False 20) Which is the oldest university? a) Oxford b) Cambridge c) London 21) You have to be 17 years old to vote in a general election a) True b) False 22) If you have a dog, you must have a pet licence a) True b) False 23) Which is the most common surname? a) Baker b) Miller c) Smith 24) You don't have to wear seat belts in the back of the car a) True b) False 25) Where is the highest mountain? a) Scotland b) Northern Ireland c) Wales 26) You don't have to study a foreign language after the age of 14 a) True b) False 27) TV programmes before 9:00pm mustn't include bad language a) True b) False 28) Which is the biggest native animal? a) horse b) bull c) deer 29) You mustn't play loud music in your house after 9:00pm a) True b) False 30) Parents don't have to send their children to school. They can educate them at home. a) True b) False


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