___ time do you spend online a day?, ___ pairs of shoes do you have?, ___ water do you drink a day?, ___ money did you spend on clothes last month?, ___ books did you read last month?, ___ countries did you visit last year?, ___ free time do you have during the week?, ___ tea or coffee did you drink yesterday?, ___ pictures do you have on your bedroom wall?, ___ times do you eat out a week?, ___ emails do you get a day?, ___ games do you have on your phone and computer?, ___ time did you spend doing English homework last week?, ___ photos do you have on your phone?, ___ people in your family speak English?, ___ fruit do you eat a day?, ___ meat do you eat a week?, ___ text messages did you send yesterday?, ___ friends do you have on (Facebook/Instagram)?, ___ exercise do you do a week?.


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