It's a great song. I love ____! We can't speak Italian very well. Can you help ____? The phone's ringing! Can you answer ____? I often call Ellie, but she hardly ever calls ____. Can you go to the boss's office? She wants to see ____. Where are my keys? I can't find ____! Hello again! Do you remember ____? My name's Matt. Lorna really likes Nick, but I don't think he likes ____. Is Kate's boyfriend nice? I don't know ____. A) What do you think of these shoes?-----B) I don't like ____. They're a horrible colour. We don't know this city. Can you tell ____ some places to visit? This hotel's very noisy. I don't like ____. My sister works in Germany. I don't see ____ very often. I'm free tonight. Do you want to come to the cinema with ____? This exercise is very difficult. I can't do ____. Your sister phoned. She needs to speak to ____. My husband gets home late, but I always have dinner with ____. George and Natalia are really nice. I like ____. A) Excuse me, Julia Parker is here.-----B) Thanks. Please ask ____ to wait in reception. We're going to the cinema tonight. Do you want to come with ____?


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